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I am really looking forward to you coming.

My wife and I speak Japanese and English.

Hello, I am Takeshi. My wife and I have traveled to about 20 countries and lived abroad for 4 years. We have opened our own Guest House in July, 2015. We renovated an old Japanese typical house. We know that traveling abroad is exciting, but also a lot of anxiety. We are pleased to help your trip you. You stay to relax like your home. It is close to Keihan Railway Moriguchishi station (6 min on foot) and Moriguchi subway station (11 min on foot). From here to Umeda (Osaka) is 15 min by subway, to Namba 22 min by train, to Kyoto 50 min by train, and to Kobe and Nara 60 min by train. It is a very convenient place and I can help advise your travel plans as well!


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☎ 070-1519-4650

Enman Guest House Osaka
7-5, Oedaminamimachi, Moriguchi, Osaka, Japan